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We are a Spain based company, small in size but big problem solvers with a technical skillset that has allowed our talented team and company participate in some world-class projects involving some of the world most renown architectural firms for the top real estate developers around the globe.

With more than 20 years of experience in the most complex AEC projects, where a conventional approach to design is uncapable of breaking the statu quo is where we shine most. We are problem solvers.


Years of

Our philosophy

Oboria stands for Object Oriented Architecture. An acronym that is intended to express our passion for using the latest Computer Science technologies in either solving highly complex problems or boosting efficiency on the AEC industry.

Many years ago, we saw the creation and adoption of BIM into the AEC field as an incredible opportunity to incorporate different methodologies from the Computer Science world to automatize design processes, solve highly complex problems that humans cannot solve with traditional methods and push the industry to be able to reach new levels.

We saw BIM, not only as the enabler to bring Object Oriented Programming into the AEC in a more natural way, but also as being BIM in itself the same change of paradigm versus CAD, as OOP meant for Computer Science.

Business Solution

Real World Experience

Our Know-How and Intellectual Property has been developed in real world applications.

Cutting Edge Technologies

We are world leaders in using advanced computer science methodologies in AEC design.

High-End Projects

Our AEC field specific expertise has been gained in world class level projects.

High-Efficiency Custom Solutions

We have an innovative and disrputive approach to project design and problem solving.

Visionary Management

Our AEC experienced and revolutionary vision helps clients reach new levels.

Synergistic Partnerships

We have a track record of added value and high ROI to our partners and clients.

Value proposition

We help AEC industry companies reinvent their design and/or operational processes through the development of customised technologies and methodologies, not only significantly reducing mistakes, but empowering them to deliver larger scale projects with increased precision, efficiency while reducing operational costs and increasing return.

We are a small company with a big track record. Our ability to deliver tangible and reliable results has allowed us to build long lasting partnerships with our clients, to which we provide not only more efficient solutions and ways to deliver, but the ability to target larger and more complex projects.

To date, not only we have helped deliver multiple world record state-of-the-art venues, but while in doing so, we generated significant savings for our clients.

About Us

We are a group of technologists, engineers and architects with an extensive track record on advanced technology integration into the AEC design process.

While working on increasingly complex AEC projects world-wide, we identified a set of challanges, already solved in other industries, and we were inspired to adapt such solutions to AEC, incorporating the latest Computer Science technologies and methodologies.

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Recent Milestones

  • 2022

    Sphere ™

    Interior Media Plane

    World largest indoor LED screen designed using Evolutionary Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

  • 2021

    Sphere ™

    Exterior Exosphere

    First large scale project designed using our proprietary Computational Design Toolkit

  • 2020

    Black Boxes ™

    Beta release of our propietary Computational Design Toolkit

  • 2018

    Burj Khalifa ™

    World Guinness Record Burj’s Khalifa media façade fully automated designt

  • 2016

    Artificial Architecture ™

    First project using Evolutionary Algorithms to define optimal topology

  • 2015

    Al Rayyan Qatar 2022 Stadium

    Our first BIM integrated Computational Design project

Other Projects

International Expo 2008

Zaragoza, Spain

MIT Digital Water Pavilion

Zaragoza, Spain

Tadawul Tower - KAFD

Riyadh, KSA

Zaha Hadids Bridge Pavilion

Zaragoza, Spain

Al Rayyan Stadium - Qatar World Cup 2022
Ar Rayyan, Qatar

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